Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Freshness of Green and White

Perhaps it began with the live trees in the cathedral the day of Kate and William’s wedding, or the stunning white gowns worn by both Kate and her sister, Pippa, but white and green floral arrangements are hot right now, even in the depths of winter. 

On the fashion runway in NYC this month many of the models were decked out in bright green sweaters and green eye shadow; designers overall were opting for crisp tailoring and clothes pared of bling and excess. The message:  green is “in”. 

I’ve been playing with this palette for quite some time now, and share these photographs to give you the idea.  For the mantel over a fireplace in a Greenwich mansion this past Christmas I centered a bouquet of Dutch hydrangeas in a bed of fresh holiday greens (douglas fir, cedar and Italian ruscus). 

At a wedding this summer I placed specimen cut-leaf maple leaves in tall crystal containers.

Knowing that to make the most of this look calls for an eye on quality and on structure. White tulips must stand at attention; herbs or other greenery must be selected for stand-alone shape and drama. 

Keep in mind that with this approach inferior ingredients have no place to hide. But as someone committed to procuring only the best materials for my clients, this trend is certainly right up my alley.