Monday, March 31, 2014

More Than Just a Container...

Old World elegance. A rustic artisan’s table. A mélange of succulents and sunflowers nestled in birch bark. Mini-callas sleek as dresses on the red carpet in glass containers. At first blush, the role of the container may not be obvious. But trust me, containers are important stage props. A poorly thought-out selection will lessen the impact of even the most glorious of flowers.
Containers can be trendy, modern or vintage, permanent or temporary. Birch bark and elliptical glass containers are two current favorites, but I’ve created stunning arrangements in natural bases -- including watermelons and red peppers. Wicker, terra cotta, wood, ceramic, porcelain, silver or glass are all wonderful options.
What about that favorite heirloom vase or that coveted pair of matching urns? I love working with my clients to showcase their personal treasures.