Friday, May 24, 2013

Veggies in Table Arrangements and Bouquets

Maybe it’s because I care passionately about locally grown organic food, but I love to incorporate beautiful fruits and vegetables in my arrangements. Talk about sensory pleasure – and a chance to delve into the flower district as well as my favorite farmer’s markets. And now that the growing season is upon us, how about considering a mix of these elements for that upcoming wedding or special dinner party?

I’ve come up with many combinations throughout he years, but here are a few recent favorites: Tiers of eggplant, onions squash, peppers, scallions, leeks and peppers -- gustatory cornucopias –set the tone for a memorable summer dinner party.

A hollowed out watermelon was used as the base for this centerpiece of roses, viburnum and okara orchids.

Peppers worked wonderfully with min-sunflowers, zinnias and asters for a country wedding.

Restricted to a palette of green and peach, I made this sherbet-worthy confection of apples, oranges, pears, hypericum berries, roses and dahlias.

For a “Pick of the Crop" evening not too long ago I turned to the Battle Hill Forge nearby for the distinctive metal objects that would work with an arrangement of a remarkable squash nestled in a hollowed out pumpkin. I used a Battle Hill Forge tuteur to display a clematis and scattered an assortment of stunning vegetables on the table to complete the look.

I love putting the spotlight on the best fruits, flowers and vegetables available. To my mind they are some of the best things each season has to offer.