Saturday, May 2, 2015

Thinking outside of the Vase: Vegetables and Fruits

Snapdragons, baby mums, phlox, roses and asters are staples in many home gardens. But have you ever considered some ways to build upon these flowers in arrangements that are fresh and contemporary?
Recently at The Smithy in New Preston I gave a workshop in which we explored some possibilities. To a bouquet of phlox and dusty miller I added stems of raspberries. For a burst of color how about purple asters. I place them in orange peppers-as-containers. Fresh herbs in a rectangular glass container were lovely all on their own, but adding a bed of river stones to the base of the clear container and several stems of colorful snapdragons upped the ante.
Why not mix roses with vegetables, and onions with frilly kale? How about using aspidistra leaves to conceal the oasis in a clear container? Arranging really offers us a chance to tap into our imaginations and to play. As an aside -- I use organic vegetables and herbs in my arrangements. Why? I know I’ll be chopping them up and using them for soup in a few days. What a fitting final destination.