Friday, September 22, 2017

American Gold Cup Equestrian Event

American Gold Cup Equestrian Event
Old Salem Farm, North Salem, NY

While it was basically a “first world problem,” and not the devastation and heartbreak that was unfolding as Hurricane Irma ripped north from the Caribbean to Florida, a portion of my flower order, the 500 Ecuadorian roses, was stuck in the Miami Airport. With the prestigious American Gold Cup competition at Old Salem Farm in North Salem three days away, I knew I’d have to scramble if I were going to guarantee delivery of 88 centerpieces on time.

When snags like this happen, having contacts and experience really helps. My dear vendor, Chris, at Dutch Flower Line in the NYC flower market sprung to my aid -. voilĂ , this was the result. The roses were a hotter shade of orange than I’d ordered, but sometimes serendipitous outcomes turn out even better.

These arrangements, placed in wooden cubes of various sizes, and in custom made grey wooden containers , served up scrumptious mélanges that included artichokes, sea holly, pincushion flowers, Dutch hydrangeas and aubergine mini- calla lilies, Arachnea orchids, hypericum berries and kangaroo paws as well. I set them in beds of eucalyptus dotted by single magnolia leaves. Their autumnal colors looked fabulous with all of the tablecloths selected for this five day event.