Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Orchids, Orchids, Orchids

While orchids may seem exotic to most people, I’ve been familiar with them from as early as I can remember. My mother grew her favorite Cattaleya orchids in her hothouse and Cymbidium orchids in the lath house, and in time taught me how to make corsages. 
In recent years I’ve come under the spell of the extraordinary Phaleonopsis and Hawaiian Dendrobium orchids, which are stunning in stand alone bridal bouquets and can energize any table.
I also like to create floral designs with Vanda and Arachne orchids. I’ve used them to great effect to mirror the glamour of an exquisite bridal gown, as well as to add a decidedly modern spin on a holiday mantel or combined with tulips, roses, hydrangeas or calla lilies for a special wedding.
Orchids make the potentially predictable unusual and special!