Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wedding Flowers

In recent wedding seasons we’ve seen some exotic concoctions. There have been bouquets of succulents. There have been hot-colored arrangements inspired by The Tropics.

But white arrangements have genuine staying power and can be highly original. With so many high quality orchids, roses, callas, freesia and hydrangeas available, what might once have sounded bland can become a remarkably imaginative component. If used alone or with tender fillers and greens, a white wedding bouquet can be pure magic!

Take a look at this collage of some of my recent work. With all-white arrangements, white seems whiter when you vary shades and textures. Other times I’ve upped the ante with subtle or dramatic bursts of color – whether it’s the brilliant blue of sea holly, or the sun-kissed yellow mini-callas. Finish off your look with a lush satin bow to match the white of your gown and you’re ready for your own modern-day John Singer Sargent portrait.

Whether you’re a bride-to-be dreaming of a medieval wedding or a naturalist at heart, hoping your wedding day will be as fresh as springtime walk in your favorite forest -- what better time to start planning for this special day than on this late-winter morning?