Monday, April 1, 2013

Container Planting

By now most people have played with the “thriller, spiller, and filler” recipe for a container pot, only to discover that their pots are still missing something. For starters, it’s crucial to choose plants that will go the distance. There’s nothing worse than having a container peter out in midsummer.

I have time-tested favorite plant and plant combinations, and return each year to favorite nurseries to ensure your pots will be chock- full of color and texture. Generally I work with a client’s containers – provided they have plenty of drainage. And I plant generously – no stinting on volume, no assumptions that containers will “fill in.” My pots always arrive looking full and luxurious, and crafted to your color specifications. Take a close look at the containers I’ve designed and planted -- you may have encountered them at a wedding, or on a shopping trip, or beside a neighbor’s front door.

 It’s wonderful how these floral arrangements can enhance a property, whether it’s transforming a patio into a garden room, or making an entrance to charming retail shop all the more welcoming with a planter that integrates flowers that match the color of the front door. I really enjoy helping my customers look at various spaces and work with container plantings to enhance what they have.