Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Roses...My Favorite Roses to Work With

Roses are considered the Queen of Flowers, and for good reason.
They work wonderfully with many other flowers, and with varieties from California, Central America and Europe readily available there is always ample supply.

At a workshop not too long ago at the Gunn Memorial Library I explored some possibilities, using 400 top quality roses fresh from the New York Flower Market.

There were striking yellow David Austin roses with eye-popping green centers.
There were garden style centerpieces employing a pink palette, with roses in varied sizes and shades of pink.
There was the fiesta-ish “Free spirit”,
Stand alone or combined with Hot lady and magenta spray roses 
Imagine their impact on a buffet table at a wedding or gala.
As a group we delved into the world of topiaries, using pink spray roses and needlepoint ivy. We mounted the rose-studded oasis globes onto a wooden dowels that we covered in silk ribbon. I
For the cost conscious, we looked at how rose petals and small votive candles could go a long way toward striking an elegant tone.
And the ever- glamorous crème de la crème rose arrangement, elicited its usual oohs and aahs.